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12 year old Dakota Fanning 'raped' in new film
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12 year old Dakota Fanning 'raped' in new film

Posted by: artfldgr

and once more the insufficiency of words and our inability to define things, will make a mess...

they havent realized it, but this is just the what is porn, what is art, argument rephrased.

federal laws are pretty explicit in that they attempt to cut off all sources of material that can be liked by pedophiles (which by no means is restricted to men).

what they wont do is propose moderate behavior so that very young children are not dressed like adults so when they come of age they dont fixate on children rather than adults (this is why childrens cloths in pre-modernism time was very different than that worn by adults and it was considered very poor taste to dress a child up that way, or to for an adult woman to dress down that way)..

so the laws put forth basically do not permit false generation of images for that purpose.

so making a film of such acts when the acts are real, is obviously wrong.. as the acts themselves are.

making a fantasy tape of such acts when the characters, acts, and such are not real, is also illegal. the premise being the existence of such images (rather than the existence of such views at a mall), promotes men to abandon their senses and want pre pubescent girls.

and so you cant draw pictures, use actors, use adult actors who look like children (think gary coleman, who was an adult when he made those shows when all thought he was a child at first!), or even use autocad and computer graphic engines.

in japan the situation is different as they dont see children as sexual beings, and so even in situations the west thinks as sexual, they are not seen that way.

our culture is VERY sick in that it can no longer even look at images or scenes without having pornographic pedophilistic thoughts in order to scan and determine if such images are present!

in other words in order to think and see like a deviant, we all become deviants and know what they are thinking!

this was clearly evident by the ad campaign that they went nuts over in time square.

basically the ad photo was 4 very young boys in tighty whities juming on a couch.. non of the boys were facing forward... at no time could you even see as much as the little girl in the coppertone ad...

however, people walking in timesquare could not see anything else in the black and white photo, other than the photographer and ad company must be pedophiles.

well.. the chickens have now come to roost..

politically correct and such is now strong enough that such things will now interfere with our art forms.

the discussion in this should be about whether its necessary to be so graphic to make a buck, not whether the scene is considered illegally pornographic as it attempts to portray a part of reality that is not favored (and in which the scene is probably not glorifying such things).

to think that the directors and such are oblivious to the fact that they may now be charged with felony acts, ahve to register, and so forth...

if it snows, then arent the parents and agent who represent the actress also going to be culpible? what if they drove over a state line?

and this is something that i said, but you are starting to see the first hints of it.

laws so crazy that we dont know whats legal or not...

and even if they are, they may not be, and even if they are, they may be. this was the soviet system of control... like a dear in the headlights you freeze as no choice is clear...

there is no way to not be in violation, and being in violation can ruin your life.. as it might for all here involved.

hollywood is about to be bitten by the beast they fed
(see little shop of horrors)

Dakota Fanning 'raped' in new film
North Carolina prosecutors 'aware' of 12-year-old girl's graphic scene

Prosecutors in Wilmington, N.C., "are aware" of a scene for the movie "Hounddog" in which the character played by 12-year-old actress Dakota Fanning reportedly is violently raped, and say if an investigation is launched, authorities could consider sexual exploitation charges.

The scene, widely reported on the Internet, is in the movie where Fanning plays the role of a "precocious, troubled girl (who) finds safe haven in the music and movement of Elvis Presley," according to Blue Line Radio, which monitors child-abuse allegations.

Connie Jordan, a district attorney in Wilmington assigned to work with such complaints, said she could not at this time confirm a formal investigation into the rape scene.

"I am aware of that situation," she told WorldNetDaily. "The charge that would potentially apply to the scenario would be sexual exploitation of a minor."

She said statutory rape laws would require the actual assault, and her understanding was that any assault was simulated. Third-degree or second-degree sexual exploitation would involve having or trading child pornography, she said.

But to make such a scene could be first-degree sexual exploitation of a child, a charge on the same level with armed robbery, she said.

"That is to facilitate … sexual activity for the purpose of producing material that would contain child pornography," she said.

Carla Roberts, who runs the Yahweh Center Children's Village for abused or neglected children in Wilmington, told WND she would have to wonder about the adults responsible for putting a child in such a position.

And, she said, she also is concerned by the ramifications for the child to whom that would be done.

Jordan said she just doesn't understand such scenes, now described in "a file on my desk."

The movie is an independent that had to raise additional money when some initial investors pulled their support because of the rape scene. It is being assembled by writer-director Deborah Kampmeier. Her earlier work, "Virgin," was about a young girl who is raped, but doesn't remember the attack and believes she's carrying the Christ child.

In "Hounddog," the 12-year-old Fanning plays 9-year-old Lewellen, who is told she must sing for concert tickets to hear Elvis. The script graphically describes her clothes dropping to the floor before she sings, and an assailant unzipping his jeans.

Others in the production include Isabelle Fuhrman, Cody Hanford, David Morse, Christoph Sanders, Jody Thompson and Robin Wright Penn.

According to an independent movie website, Kampmeier's "Virgin" was "profound and exquisitely melancholy" and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award for the best feature made for under $500,000.

Its story is about "Jessie," (Elizabeth Moss) who hides her suffering from being trapped by her family's conservative Baptists beliefs with liquor, kleptomania and drugs. She has a sexual encounter after a spell of drugs and liquor and finds she is pregnant, deciding that she is carrying the next Christ child.

At that time, Kampmeier, who previously worked in the New York City theater industry, said she shot the film for $65,000 in 21 days.

Kampmeier did not return a message WND left at her Full Moon Films office.

World Entertainment News Network said the movie was a shocker for Fanning's fans.

"She has shot child rape scenes and appears semi-naked," the network said.

But it also said the actress' agent, Joy Osbrink, told the New York Daily News, fans shouldn't worry.

"It's not just the rape scene – the whole story is challenging Dakota as an actress. And I've never been so proud of her in my life. I've seen the dailies, and in every scene she gets better and better."

One crew member called the movie "dynamite" because of the scene, and said adult stars would have baulked at some of the situations.

In 2002, Fanning worked with Steven Spielberg as the lead child in a science fiction miniseries and she also appeared in "Trapped," "Sweet Home Alabama," and "Hansel & Gretel." She later worked with Kurt Russell in "Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story," and Tom Cruise in "War of the Worlds."

Posted by: Zombie222 J
One crew member called the movie "dynamite" because of the scene, and said adult stars would have baulked at some of the situations.

Right there that should have been a clue that something was terribly wrong.

If there's a good possibility an adult would have said no, does that not mean that a child probably shouldn't be forced to do it?

It's one thing for such acts to happen off camera, and completely another to show them in their graphic glory... does it add to the horror of the act? Only until people get desensitized to it.

Sad day.

Posted by: marlon
Hollywood is filled with degenerates. How could you as an adult...cameraman, gaffer, director...her damned parents!!!

How could they let this be done! But its all a part of breaking the last two sexual taboos in America - pedophilia and bestiality. Nicole Kidmean did some show where a kid had her father's spirit or some such crap and now this.

Does Dakota need this role? No! Why the hell did she take it? How could her parents let her do this? Her agent? The damn thing is sick!

The race to the bottom picks up speed.

Posted by: nicegirl

Her parents/handlers probbably think they're launching her as the next Jodie Foster , as in "Taxi Driver"

Posted by: serendipity
in japan the situation is different as they dont see children as sexual beings, and so even in situations the west thinks as sexual, they are not seen that way.

Right. Japanese families take baths together, and sleep in the same bed while the children are small (up till 4 or so), things that would probably make the average American come to all kinds of conclusions.

We bought a DVD set of a movie series popular when my husband was young, 'Akumyo'(1961-196Icon_cool.The series starred Katsu Shintaro and Tamiya Jiro. Katsu played an oyabun (ganster leader) with a heart of gold (old-fashoined Japanese values) and Tamiya played his sidekick.

The series is set in immediate post WWII Japan. Katsu Shintaro continues to wear kimono in an increasingly westernized society, sidekick Tamiya wears only western clothes and is learning English, which Shintaro refuses to speak. Quite a pair together through thick and thin. And of course, the good guys always win smile.gif

Idealized of course, but a window on the basis of Japanese culture nonetheless....I was watching one episode where the Katsu Shintaro character finds a little girl alone on the streets and promises to find her parents, or failing that, take care of her himself.

I was struck by the fact that you could not show it today in America, people would be outraged...she is filthy so he takes her home and gives her a bath, and at night they share a single futon as he is quite poor and has only one.

She sleeps in her underwear, as does he (stetekko, long cotton pants, undershirt and haramaki belly band for him, underpants and an undershirt for her).

He wakes up as a parent would and covers her when she rolls out, so she doesnt catch cold. The matter-of-factness of the way he cares for her is both heartwarming and slightly comical (him being and oyabun tough guy and all). It's a great film about the struggle after the war and the sense of community of Japanese society.

I was watching it wide-eyed, it just struck me how much the world has changed, the US in particular, a single man in his 30s taking care of an orphaned 8-year-old within the framework of Japanese culture.

Posted by: adamr316
As someone who defends the First Amendment quite vehemently and is also a filmmaker...this film is a disgrace to our country. I'm sorry but the reason there are laws against this type of stuff is because someone is being harmed. That person, in this case, is Dakota Fanning.

Children really don't know what the hell they're doing and this role could definitely mess her career up. She's a wonderful child actor and has starred in some great films already. There was no need for her to take this job.

The director should be jailed. Dakota's parents should be jailed. And any negatives/prints made from that scene should be destroyed.

As artfldgr pointed out, this movie is going for shock value. The makers knew it'd get attention with this scene. But if the police knew any better, they'd stop "investigating", jail some folks (like they would if a man were accused of DV) and ask questions later.

You need to draw the line by being tough...for real. No dancing around the issue...jail these people and set an example.

Oh, and that shock comedy you're talking about? Movies like Scary Movie 1-3 (is there a 4th one?), and others get tiresome after the first 20 minutes or so. The comedies I laugh at nowadays? Those animated children's ones like Shrek and The Incredibles.


The humor is more sophisticated (I use the term lightly, but thought is involved). Those movies are actually FUNNY! They don't rely on one-liners and crazy situations to drive the plot! It's sad that I need to watch kid's movies for my humor fix, but it's the god damn truth.


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